Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome, Redirect Search

Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome, Redirect Search

Microsoft has done many extensive changes in Windows 11 UI. One thing you will notice after installing Windows 11 is the Widgets option in Taskbar. The new Windows 11 widgets automatically create an AI-powered personalized feed of news, weather, sports, and other updates, based on user interest. You can even customize your feed by adding or removing widgets, even can resize widgets. Overall, it is very similar to iOS and iPadOS widgets. But, when you click on any article from Widgets, it opens in Microsoft Edge by default. Even Windows 11 web searches open in Edge Browser, no matter your default browser is Google Chrome. Well, thankfully, there is still a way to redirect Windows 11 widgets from Edge to Chrome.

Yes, by using Edge Deflector and Chrometana Pro, you can redirect Windows 11 searches. Like similarly we used to do in Windows 10 for Cortana Searches. Though, since Windows 11 settings app completely changed. So now, the steps are not the same as Windows 10.

Edge Deflector will force links to open in Chrome (or your default browser.). And Chrometana Pro Extension will redirect Windows 11 web searches to Google from Bing. Ok, without a further delay, let’s get through the setup process.

Redirect Windows 11 Web Searches and Widgets Links From Edge to Chrome

Disable Real-time protection.

EdgeDeflector is an open-source application, but still, Windows Defender detects it as a virus. In addition, because the application helps users to use another browser instead of Microsoft Edge, it would be best if you disabled Real-time protection.

  1. Search for Windows Security App and open it.
  1. Click on Virus and threat protection.
  1. After that, click on the “manage settings” option visible under Virus and threat protection settings.
  1. That’s it, now turn off Real-time protection. UAC window will appear for confirmation; click on Yes.
Turn off Real-time protection

Install and Setup EdgeDeflector

EdgeDeflector is a tiny application that forces Windows 11 to use your favourite browser. It only runs for a microsecond when needed, so it will not consume much system resources. It intercepts URIs that force open in Microsoft Edge and redirects it to the system’s default browser.

  1. Download the latest version of the EdgeDeflector Installer file from Github.
  1. Run it as administrator and install it on your Windows PC.
Install Edge Deflector in Windows 11
  1. Once, It gets installed. Then, open the Settings App in Windows 11 by pressing Windows + I key simultaneously.
  1. From the left pane, click on Apps > Default Apps.
Windows 11 Default Apps
  1. Now in the default apps list, look for EdgeDeflector App, and click on it.
Edge Deflector Default App
  1. You will now see Microsoft Edge selected. Click on it and do select “EdgeDeflector”, and click on OK.
  1. EdgeDeflector will now get set instead of Edge.
Select EdgeDeflector in default App - Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome
  1. Go back to the Default apps list and find Google Chrome this time and click on it. (Make sure Google Chrome is installed on your Windows 11 Computer).
Google Chrome Default Windows 11 App
  1. You will now see that Microsoft Edge is selected for default file types and link types.
  1. You have to click one by one on Microsoft Edge and change it to Google Chrome.
  1. Please do it for every file and link type. (Mainly you have to do for HTTP and HTTPS.)
Select Google Chrome as default browser - Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome
  1. That’s it, now open Widgets in Windows 11. Click on any link; Google Chrome will open instead of Edge.

OK, so that’s how you can redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome. It will also redirect Windows 11 web searches to Chrome Browser.

Redirect Windows 11 Web searches from Bing to Google.

EdgeDeflector only redirects the browser. But, if you notice, all Windows 11 web searches will now use Bing instead of Google. You can fix it by simply installing an extension in your Chrome Browser.

  1. Add Chrometana Pro – Redirect Cortana and Bing Extension in your Chrome Browser.
  1. Click on Add to Chrome > Add Extension.

That’s it, now all your web searches from Widgets and Windows search will open in Google Seach Engine and Google Chrome. Yes, Microsoft news will keep using MSN.

Ok, so that’s how you can Redirect Windows 11 Widgets From Edge to Chrome and can redirect Windows 11 searches to Google from Bing.