How to Download and Install Windows 11 in VMware

Download and Install Windows 11 on VMware Workstation Player

On June 24th, 2021, Microsoft is going to reveal its new Windows 11. And hopefully, you will not have to wait longer for the stable consumer-ready version. It will be available for all Windows 10 users in October 2021. Though, someone spoiled Microsoft’s new Windows surprise by leaking Windows 11 ISO. First, just Windows 11 screenshots emerged on the Chinese search engine Baidu. And after a few hours, someone dumped Windows 11 ISO file. Many users already installed the ISO file to experience the new Windows 11. Yes, you can also test new Windows 11 on your Windows 10 PC using VMware Workstation Player.

You can also use Rufus and create a bootable drive to install Windows 11. But since it is an unofficial ISO, then I don’t recommend you install it as your primary operating system. If you own a high-end PC, then, you can follow this article to Install Windows 11. Because to run Windows 11 on a virtual machine, you need to allocate good resources. Ok, without a further delay, let’s get started. Also, if you have already installed Windows 11, then now you can run Windows 11 Emulator inside it. This means, no need to create a virtual machine, just do enable Windows 11 Sandbox.

Download and Install Windows 11 in VMware (Installation Process.)

Create a Windows 11 Virtual Machine.

1). First, download the stable Windows 11 ISO File.

2). After that, download the latest version of VMware Workstation Player.

3). Install VMware Player on your Windows PC. You can use VMware free for 30 days. Select the option after completing the installation process. (No personal details required to use 30 days trial.)

Note: Alternatively, you can use VirtualBox Software.

4). Once, VMware gets installed open it. And, click on “Create a new virtual machine”.

Select “Typical” and then click on Next.

VMware - Create new virtual machine wizard

5). Select the “Installer disc image file (ISO)” radio button option. Click on Browse and then select the Windows 11 ISO file click on Open.

Click on next.

Select Windows Installation Disc File

6). In select a guest operating system window, you don’t need to make any changes, click on next.

7). Now, Enter Windows 11 in the virtual machine name and click on next.

Enter Windows 11 Virtual Machine Name

8). Select the “Store virtual disk as a single file” option. You can change disk size if you want. Or, keep it 60 GB and click on next.

Store virtual disk as a single file

9). Next, click on customize hardware.

Customize Hardware Windows 11 Virtual Machine

And, use the slider to select 4GB RAM. (Make sure your computer has enough RAM. On my PC, I have installed a 16GB RAM stick.)

Select 4 GB RAM for Windows 11

Also, make sure the processor core is 2, and click on ok. (You can select core as per your processor. I am using Hexa(6) core processor, so selected 2 core.)

Click on Close.

10). Click on Finish. That’s it, you have created a Windows 11 virtual machine successfully.

Run Windows 11 Virtual Machine and Install Windows.

1). Click on Power on this virtual machine option.

Power on this virtual machine

And, the virtual machine will ask you to press any key to boot.

Press any key to boot from CD or DVD

First, you have to press Ctrl + Alt key to use the keyboard in Virtual Machine. After do press any key from Keyboard to continue the setup process.

How to Fix Timed Out Error.

  1. If the timed-out error appears. Then, do close Windows 11 virtual machine. Click on the (X) icon and then click on power off.
  2. After that, click on Open a new virtual machine.
  3. Go to documents > Virtual Machines > Windows 11 > Click on open.
  4. That’s it, now again click on the “Power on this virtual machine” option. And, this time, click on the virtual machine and then press the ctrl+alt shortcut key and after that press any key.

2). Windows logo will now appear. And, Windows 11 installation window will appear.

Select language and other options and click on next.

3). Click on Install Now.

Click on Install Now

4). Click on “I don’t have a product key”.

5). Select a Windows 11 version now and then click on next. (I am installing Windows 11 Pro, you can install any version you want.)

Windows 11 Pro - Windows Setup

6). Accept the license agreement and then click on next.

7). Click on “Install Windows Only(Advanced)”.

Install Windows Only - Advanced

8). Unallocated space that you have created before will now appear. Click on Next.

Unallocated Space

9). That’s it, now just wait Windows 11 installation process will get started.

The virtual machine will restart a couple of times during the installation process.

Windows 11 Installation Process

10). Once the installation process gets completed. Windows 11 initial setup screen will appear. You can set up Windows 11 on your own. Or, you can watch the video on GeekBullet’s YouTube channel, if you face any issue during setup.

You also need to enter your Microsoft account details. You can create a new account if you want during the setup process.

Ok, so that’s how you can Install Unofficial Windows 11 ISO in VMware. If you have any questions to ask, let me know in the comment section.