How to Show Weekday and Seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock

How to Show Weekday and Seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock

Do you want to enable Seconds and Weekday in Windows 11 Taskbar Clock and change the clock appearance and theme? The following article will help you to fully customize the Windows 11 Taskbar Clock.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has added enough customization options. Although, Microsoft is pushing some customization settings via Windows updates. But still, there are some settings that still Windows 11 users badly needed. Like, Windows 11 still lacks so many taskbar clock customization options. Yes, the Date & Time settings are completely revamped in Settings App. But, still, some much-needed options are still missing.

Like, you cannot show seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. And, to check the weekday, you always have to click on Data & Time and then you get to see the calendar. Don’t you think, it would be better if you would able to show weekday to the taskbar clock. Microsoft lets users change themes and color schemes, but it doesn’t affect the taskbar clock. Don’t know, when Microsoft will add options to change the clock’s appearance. But, you don’t need to wait for that, because with a free and open-source app you can do all this.

Enable Weekday on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock

Yes, Microsoft allows adding a day of the week on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. But, it’s a little bit tricky. Because there isn’t any direct option available in Windows 11 settings or control panel. But, you can do so by accessing old Windows date and time settings.

  1. Open Control Panel and then click on “Clock and Region”.
  1. After that, click on Date and Time, and a new window will now appear.
  1. Click on the “Change date and time” option.
Change date and time Windows 11
  1. Next, click on “Change calendar settings”.
Change Calendar Settings Windows 11
  1. Region window will now appear, click on “Additional settings”.
Region Additional Settings
  1. Customize format window will now appear. Click on the “Date” tab.
  1. Now, in the short date field, erase and do type the following format.
  1. Click on Apply and click on OK.
Change Short Date to Add day of week in Taskbar Clock Windows 11
  1. You will now immediately see the day of the week in the taskbar clock.
Enable Weekday on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock
  1. Do close all opened data and time windows by clicking on Apply and Ok.

You cannot use the same way to show seconds on the taskbar clock. So you have to use a third-party app to do so.

Customize Windows 11 Taskbar Clock

Install ElevenClock App

Since Microsoft natively does not provide any customization options for system clocks. So, you have to install a third-party app to do so. That’s why we are installing ElevenClock. It is a free and open-source app that lets users completely customize Windows 11 taskbar clock. This app was initially designed to add a clock on the second display/monitor. However, this app has now evolved completely and can be used to replace the system/taskbar clock. So that, you can customize the new taskbar clock as you need. This app has so many features now, and we will go through each of them. You can Install ElevenClock from Github or Microsoft Store. If you install from GitHub, then you might have to change the language from the App’s General settings.

Install ElevenClock App from Microsoft Store

Show Weekday and Seconds on Taskbar/System Clock

  1. Once App gets Installed, click on Windows 11 search icon and search for ElevenClock. Once App appears in search results, click on Open.
Open ElevenClock App to customize the Windows 11 Taskbar Clock
  1. Now, your native Windows 11 taskbar clock will get replaced with a customizable ElevenClock. Do right-click on the new taskbar clock and click on “ElevenClock Settings”.
Open ElevenClock App Settings
  1. ElevenClock Settings Window will now appear. Click on Date & Time Settings to expand options.
  1. Now, do enable these two options.
  • Show seconds on the clock
  • Show weekday on the clock
Show Weekday and Seconds on the Windows 11 Taskbar Clock
  1. That’s it, you will now able to see seconds and weekdays on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock.
Enable Weekday and Seconds in Windows 11 System Clock

In the same date and time settings, you get a few more interesting options. Like, you can show/hide the date and time from Windows 11 Taskbar. Or, you can even show the week number. Moreover, if you don’t like the current format of date and time, then you can change it by clicking on Regional Settings.

Show System Clock during Gaming or in Fullscreen Mode

Sometimes while playing PC Games or doing some work, we lose keep track of the time. But not anymore, with the ElevenClock app you can show the clock in Windows 11 full-screen mode. And, when a program occupies full screen then also the clock will be visible. Moreover, if you have enabled the “Automatically hide the taskbar” option. And still, if you want the taskbar clock to appear, then you can do so.

  1. Simply, open ElevenClock App settings again. And, this time, do click on “Clock Settings” to Expand it.
  1. Now, disable these two options.
  • Hide the clock in fullscreen mode
  • hide the clock when a program occupies all screens
Show System Clock during Gaming or in Fullscreen Mode
  1. That’s it, now custom ElevenClock will appear when you’re in full-screen mode. Or, when a game occupies full screen. Although, some games like Valorant prevent ElevenClock overlay.
  1. If you keep the taskbar hidden and don’t want to hide Windows 11 system clock. Then, you can enable “show the click when taskbar is set to hide automatically”.

Enable Clock on Second Display on Windows 11 Taskbar

If you use a dual-monitor setup. And, if you want ElevenClock to show the clock on the secondary monitor as well. Then, make sure, the following option is disabled.

  • Do not show the clock on secondary monitors.
Enable Clock on Second Display on Windows 11 Taskbar

You will find this option in the Clock Settings of ElevenClock. So, disable it, if you want a taskbar clock on every monitor.

Change Windows 11 Taskbar Clock Position

In Windows 11, Microsoft kept taskbar icons in the center, which leaves the left taskbar area empty. So, if you want to utilize it, then you can move the system clock to the left. Or, if you find the clock annoying at the bottom when in full-screen mode. Then, you can change its position to the top. But unfortunately, as of now, the ElevenClock app doesn’t hide the original Windows 11 taskbar clock. So that will leave two clocks on the desktop.

  1. To change the ElevenClock position. Simply, open ElevenClock App settings.
  1. Click on “Clock Position and Size” to expand options. And, now you can use these options to change position. Don’t make changes to other options.
  • Show the clock at the left of the screen
  • Force the clock to be at the top of the screen
How to Change Windows 11 Taskbar Clock Position

You can try these two options to check which clock position you like.

Add ElevenClock in Startup Apps

After customizing Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. You have to make sure that ElevenClock is enabled in startup apps. Else, you have to manually open the app every time when you start Windows.

  1. In ElevenClock Settings, click on General Settings.
  1. You will now see the “Change startup behavior” option, click on Change.
Change ElevenClock App Startup Behavior
  1. Windows 11 Startup Apps settings will get open.
  1. Do look for the ElevenClock App and enable it. That’s it, you will now see your customized clock on the desktop/taskbar whenever you start Windows.
Enable ElevenClock in Startup Apps

Change Windows 11 Taskbar Clock Font and Color

Yes, you can also completely change the look of the Taskbar Clock. With ElevenClock, you can choose a custom font, color, and size for your Taskbar Clock. Also, you can change the background color as you need. Click on Clock Appearance in App settings, and you will get all these options.

Change Windows 11 Taskbar Clock Font and Color

Uninstall or Disable ElevenClock

If you want to disable ElevenClock temporarily, then right-click on the taskbar clock. And, after that, do click on the “Quit ElevenClock” option.

And, to uninstall ElevenClock App, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Click on the “three dots icon” next to ElevenClock and do click on Uninstall. Or, simply open the All Apps list, and by right-clicking on ElevenClock App, you can perform the uninstallation.

Okay, so that’s how you can enable Weekday and Seconds on Windows 11 Taskbar Clock. And can customize the clock completely. Leave a comment, if you need any help regarding this App.