Install Android Subsystem with Google Play Store on Windows 11

Install Android Subsystem with Google Play Store on Windows 11

Finally, Microsoft has released the Windows subsystem for Android with Amazon App Store support. Yes, you can install Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 and Sideload Android Apps. But, now you don’t have to do that so. Because now you can install Android Subsystem with Google Play Store on Windows 11. Even, you will be able to sign in to Play Store without any errors. So no more need to sideload apps by running commands. You can directly install any App from Google Play Store.

Yes, for now, you might not able to play Android Games like PUBG/BGMI, because of keymapping required. But hopefully soon, we will find out the solution for that as well. Before you start following this guide, first do uninstall any older version of the Windows subsystem for Android. You can uninstall by using Windows search. Also, if you haven’t installed the Android subsystem yet, then first complete the following requirements.

Update: Check out the new method to Install WSA with Play Store and Magisk.


  • Windows 11 Beta Version. (Stable might work.)
  • Enable Virtualization in BIOS.
  • Enable Virtual Machine Platform.
  • Set the region to the United States and Update Microsoft Store. (Not required but you can do that.)

Do check my previous article if you don’t know how to enable virtualization and Virtual Machine Platform. After completing all requirements, do follow all instructions mentioned in this article carefully.

Install Google Play Store on Windows 11 through Windows subsystem for Android.

Enable Windows 11 Developer Mode.

As of now Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store support is in development mode. So to sideload it we have to enable developer mode.

  1. Open Windows Search and do a search for Developer Settings. Click on Open.
  1. Windows 11 Developer Settings page will get open. Do Enable Developer Mode from it.

A confirmation window will appear, click on Yes.

Download WSA Gapps Package and Kernel File.

Now you have to download a custom Windows subsystem for Android with Google Play Store and Google Play Services support. Also, you have to download a kernel file. Use the below links to download both files.

Note: Let me know in the comment section if you’re getting any Google Drive-related errors. Also, do not delete the WsaPackage and Kernel file even after installing Play Store. Else, you will face errors.

Extract WSA Package and Replace Kernel File.

  1. Once both files get downloaded. Right-click on WsaPackage Zip file click on Extract All > Extract.
  1. Now, Copy Kernel File by right-clicking on it.
  1. Do open the extracted folder of WsaPackage, and go to the Tools folder.
  1. Do paste the copied Kernel file inside that folder.
  1. A prompt window will appear, click on Replace the file in the destination.
Replace WSA Package Kernel File

Use Windows PowerShell and Install Windows Subsystem for Android.

  1. Do open Windows search and type Windows PowerShell. After that, click on “Run as administrator”.
  1. Now, open WSA Package extracted folder and do copy the path of it.
  1. Now in Windows PowerShell type CD and after that type path of the WSA Package folder. (CD command is used to change directory.) Press Enter after typing the command.
cd <path of wsa package>

Replace <path of wsa package> with the wsa package path location.

  1. Now, do type the following command to install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store.
Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml
  1. That’s it, a custom Android Subsystem is installed. Now follow the next steps to Install Google Play Store.

Open Windows Subsystem for Android and Install Google Play Store.

  1. Now open Windows Subsystem for Android by using Windows Search. Or, you will find it when you click on the start button.
Windows Subsystem for Android App
  1. Once it gets open, do enable two options.
  • Developer Mode
  • Optional diagnostic data (optional)
Enable Developer Mode and Diagnostic Data
  1. After that, click on Files. Click on Continue.
Click on Files - Windows Subsystem for Android
  1. Starting Windows Subsystem for Android screen will appear.
Starting Windows Subsystem for Android

And, after that, Files App will get open.

Windows 11 Android Subsystem File App
  1. Now, wait you will get a few notifications regarding Google Play Store. Click on the bottom right corner in Windows 11 to see the notification. You will see a notification that says “Google Play Protect is Turned On”.
Google Play Store Notification
  1. That’s it, Google Play Store is now Installed in Windows 11. Use Windows 11 and search for Play Store to open it.
Launch Google Play Store App
  1. Once Play Store gets open, you will see the sign-in option.
Windows 11 Google Play Store Sign in Window

But wait before you sign in, you will face some server-related errors. To get rid of that, follow a few more steps.

Commands to fix Play Store Sign In Problem.

It is necessary to follow this part else you will not able to sign in to Play Store. First, close Play Store before running any commands.

  1. Download SDK Platform Tools from the following link. And, Extract Platform Tools Folder.
  1. Once Platform Tools Folder gets open, right-click anywhere in the folder and then click on “Open in Windows Terminal”.
  1. Once Windows Terminal gets open, run the following command to connect ADB with Android Subsystem.
./adb.exe connect

4. After that, type the following command to open the ADB shell window.

./adb shell
  1. After that, type the following command to get root access. You are now root message will appear.
  1. Once you get root access run the next command to fix the Google Play Store login problem of Windows 11.
setenforce 0
Root and fix Google Play Store Sign In issue Windows 11

That’s it, now open the Play Store app and you can sign in with your Google Account. And, can install Android Apps in Windows 11 using Play Store.

Install Android Apps in Windows 11 using Play Store

Initially, Google Play Store will take some time to load. You will get some notifications related to it. But, once it gets open, you can install Apps easily. Also, if you have an APK file then, you can sideload Android Apps on Windows 11.