How to change App icons on the iPhone and iPad

How to change App icons on iPhone and iPad

In the iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 update, Apple has introduced so many customization options, especially widgets. Which you can use to make your iPhone home screen look more aesthetic. Most importantly, now not only you can rename Apps, moreover, also can change App icons on the iPhone and iPad. Replacing default App icons with the images chosen by you allows you to freely customize the home screen look.

And, it is all possible because of the Shortcuts app. It is a scripting application for iOS devices. That allows users to create macros to execute specific tasks on their devices. Basically, it is designed to automate things that you regularly do on your iPhone. Yes, Shortcuts App also lets you add custom App icons to your home screen. And, here’s how you can do so.

Download custom App icons for iPhone/iPad.

Shortcuts App doesn’t offer any icon pack by itself. So yes before you follow this guide, you need to create or find an App icon first. Well, no worries, there are plenty of sites that provide free custom iOS Apps icons.

Icon Finder Site

1. Head over to Google, and search for icon finder.

Search Icon Finder on Google Free Icons

2. Open the first website, by tapping on Free icons!. They have a bunch of free icons to choose from. You”ll find some really cool icons pack.

Personally, I liked the “Colorful guache social media logos icon set by Side Project” and “Social icon set by Kokota”.

Custom iOS App icons icon finder

Customize Icons – On the desktop version of the icon finder site, you can even choose the background color of icons. Gray, black, white, and transparent options are available to choose from. So that App icons can easily blend with the iPhone wallpaper.

Download custom iOS icons – Unfortunately, there isn’t any option to download all icons at once. So, you have to download manually each App icon one by one. Though, it is good, in this way because, you can download icons of the Apps which you use.

  1. Tap on the App icon, and then tap on the PNG > Download icon in PNG > Download.
Download Custom iOS App icon in PNG

2. In Safari, to save icon in photos App. Tap on the download icon to open Download. Then, tap on the downloaded App icon to view. Tap on share icon > Save image. (To make this whole process simple, download icons on the computer. And, then move it to your iPhone.)

Save Icon Image in Photos App

Canva App

Though, if you don’t like anything from icon finder then you can download the App called Canva from the App store. And, search for “iOS Home Screen Collection”.

And, you”ll find a bunch of icons packs with matching wallpapers, completely free. I hope, now you got custom icons for your iOS Apps.

Steps to change App icons on iPhone/iPad.

1. Open the shortcuts app, and, tap on the “+” icon from the upper-right corner. Tap on “Add Action”.

Add new Shortcut in Shortcuts App

2. Search for Open App. In the Actions section, you”ll see “Open App”, tap on it.

3. Now, you’ve to choose the App you want to open when you click on the custom icon.

So, tap on “Choose”. And, select the App of which custom icon you have downloaded. For my example, I am choosing YouTube.

Select App to Create Custom Shortcut

4. Go ahead and tap on the three horizontal dots icon.

Enter Shortcuts name and then tap on “add to home screen”.

Add Shortcut to home screen Enter Shortcut name

5. Again, Enter the shortcut name. Now, to change the App icon tap on the icon visible below “home screen name and icon”.

6. And, tap on “choose photo”. Select downloaded PNG Icon from the photos gallery. Tap on Choose.

That’s it, now just click on “Add”.

Change App icon on iPhone

And, custom App shortcut will get added to your iOS home screen.

Custom iPhone App icon on homescreen

I know, this whole process is kinda time-consuming. Though, once you create a shortcut of an App, you can duplicate it to fastly create multiple shortcuts.

Open Shortcuts App, tap on the select, select created shortcut, and then tap on “Duplicate”. Now, you have to change only a couple of things like App, name, and icon, that’s it. Feel free to comment, if you are facing any trouble while setting up custom App icons in iOS and iPad OS.